Submission Information for Musicians 


Duly Noted is open to all genres of music, from acoustic to ambient synth to rock and anything in-between! But it has to be a right fit for the venue and the show. Shows are at On Tour Brewing in Chicago. 

We're not looking for musicians at this time.


We strongly prefer we meet with you once, as far in advance as possible, to discuss the theme, a tentative playlist, setup and lineup of the show, and to hear a song or two live. 

We respect your original songwriting talents, but in fitting with our theme we might ask if you are willing/able to learn a couple covers of songs that go along with our theme.  

*Note that participation is voluntary. We are passionate about community and fostering change within community. This means the show is free to attend, with money donated by the audience going to the month's non-profit as well as all the performers. 

Show Format

Music kicks off the show at 7:30. After 10-15 minutes, the readers begin. There'll be an intermission with more music for another 10-15 minutes, followed by more readers. The show ends with a few more minutes of music. There is also a short ~2 minute pause between readers. If you would like to play a song during that time, you may! (But this is not required). 

Anticipate playing 25-35 total minutes. 


**Note: we’re not looking for musicians at this time.

Send us a few samples of your music (Spotify, Bandcamp, YouTube, etc.) and include a sentence or two about yourself. If you already have ideas about what you'd like to play at the show, send those along as well!