June Show Line-Up

Here's the June line-up! Henry Geraghty kicks the show off with music at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 26. Readers follow; all stories are on the theme LOSS this month! 

Let us know if you can make it! The show is FREE at On Tour Brewing. Donations go to performers and Center on Halsted this month!

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Henry Geraghty

Henry Geraghty is a singer/songwriter based in Chicago. Inspired by artists like Arthur Russell, (Sandy) Alex G, and Andrew Bird, Henry writes indie-folk music that feels haunting, cathartic, and sincere. Henry's songs often implement live loops and other sound processing effects to create soundscapes--sometimes ambient, sometimes rhythmic and melodic--as a surreal accompaniment to his singing and guitar playing.


KellyAnn Corcoran

KellyAnn Corcoran is a proud Webco Alum. She has been acting, directing, writing and performing in Chicago since she founded Dolphinback Theatre Company in 1992. Most recently, she produced and performed “Hillary! The Musical” and “Sink or Swim”, both in Rhinofest at Prop Thtr.


Ulupi Bodiwala

Ulupi Bodiwala graduated from UIC with a degree in English and a concentration in Creative Writing in 2014. Currently, she is a copyeditor at a direct mail marketing agency. When not writing, she likes to travel. 


Nina Banks

Locally sourced.  

Grew up in a large family on the real Southside of Chicago.  

Graduate of Whitney Young H.S.  Go Dolphins!

Globally positioned.

Lived in Paris but still can’t speak French.  Likes to travel the US in trains.

Abraham Lincoln enthusiast. Can tell you exactly how many words are in the Gettysburg address.

Elected by Sonny and Tony, two crazy tabby cats, to feed and love them.

Thinks Google is your friend and Ebay, definitely, is not.

An author, activist, actor, and artist.

Who might spend a Friday night bailing Grandma out of jail, if she can get that irksome ankle monitoring device off her leg, again.


Mindy Watters

Mindy Watters, a  Northwest Chicago burbs native, has been a city dweller for the past 14 years where she currently resides in Albany Park with her husband, Alex. When not at her 9-5 Marketing gig at an Executive Search/Leadership Advisory firm, she can often be found at a brewery, a Pure Barre class, a concert, dining out or lounging at home. A huge dog-lover, she's hoping to adopt a dog sometime within the next year. Fun fact, the dinner club she started is having its 10-year anniversary later this year.

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Janki Mody

Janki Mody is a pregnancy loss and women's infertility advocate. She is an educator, writer and the mother of two very energetic boys with long eyelashes. She is grateful to be provided with this opportunity to shine a light on an issue so many women face. 


Megan Grandstaff

Megan Grandstaff is an avid seamstress and knitter who has called Chicago home for ten years. She started writing her stories down after the 2016 election, and she hasn't been able to shut up since. 


Travis J. Cook

Travis J Cook is a novelist and playwright living in Chicago. While this is his Live Lit debut in Chicago proper, he has previously written for such publications as The Addison Recorder, Outloud Culture, and ChicagoMusic.com. He is also one-half of the band Tiny Shoulders, and is currently seeking representation for his first novel, Amazing Grace. His favorite things include baseball, the Counting Crows, and Lord of the Rings.

May Heroes

What a cool crowd! Stories were hilarious and sad, about everyday heroes (pelvic floor physical therapists!) and learning our heroes can't live up to what we conjured in our imaginations. Sean Wilson provided killer music throughout. 

Thanks to audience donations, we raised $171 for Open Books Chicago! 

Checkout the submission guidelines if you're interested in sharing a true story or playing music at an upcoming show.  

Clockwise from back left: Dee Fuentes, Suzanne Faber, Anne Abel, Mikala Hansen, Paul Teodo, Sean Wilson, Sam Pink, Christina Brandon, Nicolle Neulist, Abby Dryer.

Clockwise from back left: Dee Fuentes, Suzanne Faber, Anne Abel, Mikala Hansen, Paul Teodo, Sean Wilson, Sam Pink, Christina Brandon, Nicolle Neulist, Abby Dryer.

The Heroes Show

Duly Noted is back at On Tour Brewing on Tuesday, May 29 with seven readers sharing true stories on the theme HEROES. The show is FREE but donations will be taken for Open Books!

Let us know if you can make it! 

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Sean Wilson

Sean Wilson is a Chicago based musician with a bad case of GAS: Gear Acquisition Syndrome. With the gadgets and gizmos he has acquired over the years he intertwines different musical elements to create textured soundscapes. He thinks Duly Noted is a wonderful series and is grateful to be a part of it. 


Nicolle Neulist

nicolle neulist writes about horse racing.  They write race charts at Hawthorne Race Course and Arlington Racecourse, and have also written for Thoroughbred Insider, The Tournament Edge, Brisnet, TwinSpires, and Equestricon. Read nicolle’s work at blinkers-off.com, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram at @rogueclown.


Sam Pink

Sam Pink is the author of Garbage Times/White Ibis which is out now from Soft Skull Press. He lives in Chicago and sells paintings.  


Abby Dryer

Abby Dryer is kind of the coolest person ever. When she’s not solving problems or saving companies, she’s being the dopest purple-haired, petticoat and sparkly-shoes wearing friend that anyone could want. And on top of that she’s a blues dancer, aikido student, knitting prodigy, and master of the “do you REALLY wanna do that” eyebrow.


Paul Teodo

Paul Teodo is a retired healthcare exec and long time Chicagoan. His first novel Pastaman is a gritty coming of age story of a troubled young man growing up on Chicago’s south side and his quest for redemption. 


Suzanne Faber

Suzanne Faber is 60 years old and no longer cares if she loses 10 pounds.

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Anne Abel

Anne Abel moved from Philadelphia to Chicago for four months in January, 2016 when her husband, Andy, was a visiting professor at The University of Chicago. She discovered this thing called “storytelling.” Andy has been commuting from Philadelphia to Chicago ever since.

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Mikala Hansen

Mikala writes stuff and she likes brevity. 

The Vices Show

Thank you to everyone who came out to April's show! We raised $135 for The Night Ministry! (An additional portion of the donations also went to the performers). 

We're always so moved by the stories and surprised by how different and moving and funny they are. The Vices show was no different, with topics ranging from smoking to booze to even death. 

As soon as one show concludes, we're ready for the next. Wouldn't you be, with these lovely people?

Dee Fuentes, Sarah Steimer, J.J. Ranvier, Gina Watters, Christina Brandon, Jason Fabeck, John Weagley, Tristan Zemtseff. (Not pictured: Amanda ReCupido).

Dee Fuentes, Sarah Steimer, J.J. Ranvier, Gina Watters, Christina Brandon, Jason Fabeck, John Weagley, Tristan Zemtseff. (Not pictured: Amanda ReCupido).

Duly Noted is back at On Tour Brewing next month, May 29. The theme is HEREOS. Checkout the submission guidelines if you're interested in sharing a true story!

April Line-Up

Join us at On Tour Brewing on Tuesday, April 24 at 7:30 for music and true stories on the theme Vices! 

Donut Republic will be there too, with a donut pop-up! Show kicks off with music by Tristan Zemtseff followed by six tellers sharing their stories. 

The show is FREE but donations are accepted. They go to the performers and, this month, to The Night Ministry. 


Tristan Zemtseff

oeugons are real is not your standard math rock band, incorporating elements of both ambient and extreme genres of music. In a solo setting, the songs are stripped down and performed by vocalist/guitarist Tristan Zemtseff, who carefully arranges the songs in a way that maintains the depth and contrast offered by the full band arrangements. Zemtseff explores the fluctuating nature of perception and mentality, both on an individual and societal level, musically as well as lyrically.

J.J. Ranvier Headshot 3.jpg

J.J. Ranvier

After graduating college with a double major in theatre and psychology, she moved to Chicago to do something related to at least one of her degrees. Since then, she has been all over the city as an improviser, writer, dog petter and now podcaster. In September she launched her post-apocalyptic comedy, The After Disaster Broadcast, which has been described as “slightly dark, kinda gay”. Find J.J. in either a coffee shop, a bar, or being snarky on Twitter @SaintofSnark.


Jason Fabeck

Jason Fabeck is a writer working at an e-commerce company and working on his first novel. He hopes to one day work for The Onion or live in a garbage can. A garbage can with a lid. You know, for rain.


Sarah Steimer

Sarah Steimer is a journalist, essayist, yoga teacher and podcast host. A Pittsburgh transplant to Chicago, Sarah currently works as a staff writer and podcast producer at Marketing News. Her features have covered topics including the NoDAPL movement, airline hypocrisy and the World Championship of Cheese. More of her work can be found at sarahsteimer.com.


Amanda ReCupido


Amanda ReCupido is a writer, humorist and storyteller. Her writing has appeared on Funny or Die, The Belladonna Comedy and Huffington Post, among others. Her debut book, Anthony Rizzo is a Good Italian Boy, is now available at MascotBooks.com. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram: @amandarecupido.

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Gina Watters

Gina Watters is a writer living in Chicago. She has read her stories at Essay Fiesta, Miss Spoken, Story Club, Feminist Happy Hour, You’re Being Ridiculous, Write Club and others. She is also featured in Rust Belt Chicago: An Anthology from Belt Publishing.

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John Weagly

As a playwright, John Weagly has had over 80 scripts receive over 130 productions by theaters around the world.  As a short story writer, his fiction has appeared many, many places and has been nominated for a Derringer Award 6 times, winning one in 2008, and has been nominated for a Spinetingler Award. Learn more about him at  www.johnweagly.com and follow him on Twitter at @JohnWeagly.

Play Time!

These wonderful, fun people! They were stellar performers at the March show. Wesley with his guitars and ukulele, the readers each sharing a completely different true story on the theme PLAY. Everyone was a joy to hear.

We also raised $126 for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago! 

From left: Megan Grandstaff, Jackie Mantey, Jessica Katz, Wesley Fuentes, Christina Brandon, Elaine Quinn, Elisa Luth. (Not pictured: reader Mona Luan and guest co-host Mindy Watters).

From left: Megan Grandstaff, Jackie Mantey, Jessica Katz, Wesley Fuentes, Christina Brandon, Elaine Quinn, Elisa Luth. (Not pictured: reader Mona Luan and guest co-host Mindy Watters).

If you wanna share a story too, checkout the submission guidelines for info and contact!

Musician for "Play"

Meet Wes Fuentes!

He'll play at Duly Noted on March 27 at On Tour Brewing! Show starts at 7:30. (It's free, y'all). Donations are welcome! All the money collected goes to storytellers and to the Boys & Girls Club of Chicago. 


Wesley Fuentes

Wesley Adam Fuentes has been living in Chicago for 4 years with his two cats Aldous and Isabella.  He is the National Production Manager for Howl2Go by Howl at the Moon. In addition to helping us make Duly Noted Magic, in his free time, Wesley can be found wandering the city taking photographs, playing Pokémon, eating tacos or catching a show at the Aragon.

Storytellers for "Play"

March 27! 7:30! At On Tour Brewing! Join us for true stories on the theme "play"! 

The show is FREE but donations will be taken. They'll go to the performers and to the Boys & Girls Club of Chicago. 



Mona Luan

Mona Luan is a mermaid fairy from another galaxy that’s currently incarnated on Earth and having a very human experience as a UX/UI designer for a Fortune 500 company. She balances her 9-5 work life with practicing and teaching yoga, meditation, writing, and long walks on the beach. She also enjoys greeting every dog she sees, eating burritos, hiking, and having deep conversations about psychology, spirituality, social media, and emojis with loved ones and strangers alike. Her intention on this earth is to live authentically and share her experiences vulnerably through photographs and words. 

Jackie 32 Bday1.JPG

Jackie Mantey

Jackie Mantey is an award-winning copywriter, journalist, and co-host of the podcast A Feminist & A Comedian Walk Into A Bar. She just turned 32 and is super happy about making it this far. 


Jessica Katz

Jessica Katz is a resident of the Edgewater neighborhood, where she works for a community nonprofit. In her spare time she enjoys planning her next storm chasing adventure and volunteering with her dog, Libby, as a certified therapy dog team.


Elaine Quinn

Elaine Quinn enjoys trying out new experiences, writing about life and indulging in anything chocolate. She advocates for mental health through her writings at elainehquinn.com.  Elaine also encourages people to look for simple joys in their lives on IG (elainehquinn_choosejoy). She has run several half marathons and completed a sprint triathlon. She is proud to be a mom and a grammy and to be reading for Duly Noted! 


Elisa Luth

Elisa Luth is a new writer seeking to find harmony between self, family and career.  A wife and mother of two. Elisa is a microbiologist for Ecolab where she develops innovations for industrial processes. She enjoys learning new things and has the desire to nurture creative people and ideas.


Megan Grandstaff

Megan Grandstaff has called Chicago home for nine years, and has spent those nine years becoming an avid seamstress and knitter. When she isn't writing pieces for Duly Noted, she is curating playlists on Spotify, doing yoga at home, and working on her General Antiope cosplay for C2E2! If you manage to track her down at C2E2, she will have a Wonder Woman sticker for you.