Storytellers for "Play"

March 27! 7:30! At On Tour Brewing! Join us for true stories on the theme "play"! 

The show is FREE but donations will be taken. They'll go to the performers and to the Boys & Girls Club of Chicago. 



Mona Luan

Mona Luan is a mermaid fairy from another galaxy that’s currently incarnated on Earth and having a very human experience as a UX/UI designer for a Fortune 500 company. She balances her 9-5 work life with practicing and teaching yoga, meditation, writing, and long walks on the beach. She also enjoys greeting every dog she sees, eating burritos, hiking, and having deep conversations about psychology, spirituality, social media, and emojis with loved ones and strangers alike. Her intention on this earth is to live authentically and share her experiences vulnerably through photographs and words. 

Jackie 32 Bday1.JPG

Jackie Mantey

Jackie Mantey is an award-winning copywriter, journalist, and co-host of the podcast A Feminist & A Comedian Walk Into A Bar. She just turned 32 and is super happy about making it this far. 


Jessica Katz

Jessica Katz is a resident of the Edgewater neighborhood, where she works for a community nonprofit. In her spare time she enjoys planning her next storm chasing adventure and volunteering with her dog, Libby, as a certified therapy dog team.


Elaine Quinn

Elaine Quinn enjoys trying out new experiences, writing about life and indulging in anything chocolate. She advocates for mental health through her writings at  Elaine also encourages people to look for simple joys in their lives on IG (elainehquinn_choosejoy). She has run several half marathons and completed a sprint triathlon. She is proud to be a mom and a grammy and to be reading for Duly Noted! 


Elisa Luth

Elisa Luth is a new writer seeking to find harmony between self, family and career.  A wife and mother of two. Elisa is a microbiologist for Ecolab where she develops innovations for industrial processes. She enjoys learning new things and has the desire to nurture creative people and ideas.


Megan Grandstaff

Megan Grandstaff has called Chicago home for nine years, and has spent those nine years becoming an avid seamstress and knitter. When she isn't writing pieces for Duly Noted, she is curating playlists on Spotify, doing yoga at home, and working on her General Antiope cosplay for C2E2! If you manage to track her down at C2E2, she will have a Wonder Woman sticker for you.