The Show


Christina Brandon and Dee Fuentes, Chicago-area writers and music-lovers, started Duly Noted to bring together storytellers and musicians to celebrate the creativity and diverse voices in the community.

Everyone has different lived experiences. We strive to provide a safe and supportive avenue for any and all to share their stories and music because they matter, both for the performers and the audience.

We welcome all kinds of music styles and stories. Stories can be raw, angry, pensive, sad, joyous, funny, serious, and anything in-between. New and seasoned voices are welcome to submit! We encourage women, people of color, immigrants, and gender nonconforming folks to submit stories.

Duly Noted is free, but we ask for donations from the audience instead. Money collected during a show goes to the storytellers and to a local organization seeking to improve the lives of people who live in Chicago and Illinois. A different organization is featured each month.

A community of people helped Christina and Dee bring the show together: the folks at On Tour Brewing (Mark, Zoe, Erica, and others) have been ever supportive in letting us use their space, Wesley Fuentes lends us his sound expertise at every show, Sam Wiley designed a kickass logo, and Bridget Polacheck designed the promotional artwork we plaster all over the internet. Thank you!