About The Hosts


Dee Fuentes & Christina Brandon

Dee and Christina met through a mutual friend waaaay back in 2011 and bonded instantly over a love of music and books. One of the first times they hung out was to see a Weezer cover band. Dee wore glittery Toms. Christina probably wore a tank top. It was summer.

(h/t Zoe from On Tour Brewing for the photo!)



I obsessively love the color blue. All shades generally. But my most favorite shade of all would be deep, dark, moody-broody, midnight blue.  Blue is my spirit color.

I wrote and produced my first live performance when I was 13.  

I LOVE stories that make me cry.  I live for feeling all the feels.

I love listening to tango when I cook, I love listening to Radiolab when I drive. Mutemath is prob my most fav band ever- I’ve seen them about 10 times live.

The first book I remember having an impact on me when I was a kid was Lord of the Flies.

The best book I read this year was We Are Never Meeting In Real Life by Samantha Irby.

I have horrible stage fright.


I gobble up memoir and creative non-fiction. I can’t get enough personal stories! My favorite book is Lit by Mary Karr. I re-read it whenever I need writing inspiration. Other books that have made my bones tingle are Mac McClelland’s Irritable Hearts: PTSD A Love Story, The Wrong Way to Save Your Life by Megan Stielstra, and The Chronology of Water by Lidia Yuknavitch. I also wrote my own memoir! It’s about teaching English in China. (You can buy it from here).

Music-wise, I tend to get stuck on one or two bands that I listen to over and over for weeks on end. Lately, it’s been Walk the Moon and Zoe Keating. Of Monsters and Men sneaks in there sometimes.

I wear black a lot, I love jumpsuits, and I bounce sometimes when I’m excited. My spirit animal is the kangaroo.